Haiku Friday: Windswept


Fog clouds the waters,
the Eagle too lost at sea.
Searching, inside, out.

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In a moment of silence


This is a challenge from Picture it and Write.
(I decided to give myself a 100 word limit.)Girl in the red coat

She methodically balanced on the railing, gently stretching her arms to feel Autumn’s flow. Voices rose in her pulse. “Arch gracefully, Yes! That’s it,” he coached. “Bend, yes, more! See your hands meet your heel, and… UP. Beautiful! ” Her mother’s legacy sang beauty into her fingertips; “Darling, you have the world. Such opportunities for gymnasts now…” The girl pivoted, imagining the crowd’s roar in a bright red flash of sailing coat as her arm finished into a polished pose. Her skin was electric beneath the oppressive sky, and she could feel the future calling.