Fiction Writing

Hello and welcome to my fiction writing page.

Me after a virtual Cantonese opera make-over. Fiction is so much better than reality!

I’ve always enjoyed writing fiction, ever since my love affair with ‘The Titanic’ when I was about 6 years of age. I loved to write about that unsinkable boat!

Since then, I’ve grown up quite a bit and my skills have developed somewhat – helped along by a degree majoring in Journalism and the courses I took in creative writing, screen writing and my love of poetry.

I’ve only recently discovered some online writing challenges aimed at sharpening skills, and have started to connect in with the community that participates. I love to read others’ work, and I’m happy to play critic if you’re interested in that.

I’ll be updating my entries within this page from time to time as I enter new challenges, so feel free to check back to see if there’s anything new.

If you’re still interested to know more about me, feel free to browse my site and comment. I always reply!

Tereasa Trevor

Realize, Nobody Cares – IndieInk Challenge #1 October 2011
A short story about a mother and her son, and a particularly challenging day living in the largest slum in Kenya, Africa.

In a Moment of Silence – Picture This and Write Challenge October 2011
Flash fiction – under 100 words – from a photographic prompt of a girl in a red coat.

First Kiss – Picture This and Write and Indie Ink Challenge October 2011
Short romance themed story about a woman’s experience with an unsettling thunderstorm.

Destiny’s Dance – Picture This and Write Challenge October 2011
Flash fiction – under 500 words – of a man’s response to a woman on the dance floor.

Sailing Paper Boats – Indie Ink Challenge October 2011
Short story reflecting on the year since my father’s death.


4 thoughts on “Fiction Writing

  1. Interesting… The Titanic? What a curious inspiration. You will certainly have to tell us the story of that some time.

    Good to meet you. We’re very proud to have you with us at Story Dam. We look forward to your takes on the prompts!

    • Thanks Brandon.

      Yes, I have to agree that the Titanic was a novel inspiration and I must say I don’t know what it was about it that so captured my imagination – I only remember my teacher asking me to ‘try and write about a different subject’ so I think that gives you an indication of the level of commitment I had for the topic. *wink!
      I’m excited about Story Dam, it looks to be a very promising site and I’m thrilled to be a part of it’s inception. Thanks for all of your hard work, and your responsiveness. It’s impressive.


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