Haiku Friday – Spring

Cherry blossoms bloom
Struggling life pale in pink
such tenacity




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I have been studying Chinese ink brush painting for a year now. As time goes on, it becomes more and more challenging. What I find most difficult of all is fighting my own urges. When painting, I can focus on technique, structure and brush strokes for a certain amount of time, and then I simply MUST let go, and paint freely and expressively.

I am not sure if the structure has given me a better ability when I am expressive. One would assume it has. But the expression does not seem to benefit the structured approach. What is most beneficial to improved skill is time.

And so here we are again – painting spring blossoms.


Haiku Friday – Wanderer

Sticky, heavy light
oppresses the rooftops
I am forced to squint




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Haiku Friday- Lost Souls


Nobby’s Head they said
Treacherous in bluster
Broke ships that sailed

Across the oysters
Wrecks four deep in souls long lost
Shanghaied to serve

A violinist
Forever pining his love
Stands ghostly at shore

Also a father
Watching his only son sink
Is said to patrol

A woman’s white form
For three short days appeared
Recorded in news


The Searing City – Haiku Friday

The Searing City

Heat steams through the city,
sunlight reflects from skyscrapers –
Eagles circle prey.

Not a tree in sight,
the breeze must follow a path
that I too must walk.



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