Bad Habits Die Hard – Chapter Three of ‘Hijinks’

For this week’s Indie Ink Challenge, Brian Feebhail challenged me with “Bad Habits Die Hard.” I’ve written this challenge in the voice of my main character for a young-adult novel I am writing for NaNoWriMo – your feedback as always is appreciated.

Chapter Three

She looked out from her bedroom window, thinking about the day. Why had he been so kind to her? It seemed suspicious, all of it. After all, he was so good looking, and she was so plain, she said to herself.
She headed over to the mirror, and looked at herself in the reflection. Yep, plain. Her friends had always said that her best feature was her hair. She twisted it now, on top of her head. She had seen some women in magazines with this hairstyle, but on her, it just looked wrong. She never seemed to be able to pull off anything other than a messy style, or a classic pony tail. Her shoulders slumped. She wouldn’t hold his interest for long, that she was sure of.

Then she remembered how he had looked when they’d said goodbye. That couldn’t have been fake. Even though they’d only just met, he truly looked forlorn when he’d waved goodbye and headed down the footpath back toward the ferry terminal. Like he really didn’t want to go. Like he wanted to stay and talk to her, in the same way she wanted to talk to him. To take the time to get to know each other better, to understand one another more. She took out the piece of paper and stared at it in her hand. Caleb Liu. 6045 67 89. It was just a simple piece of paper, but something significant. It represented her first date.

She looked at herself again in the mirror, seeing the smallest of smiles at the edges of her lips, but when she caught sight of herself, her hair now hanging in a half up, half down mess, her freckles sticking out against the flush of her cheeks, her hips bulging slightly above her jeans because of the way she was standing, everything crashed back down again. She didn’t even know if this was a real phone number. What if today had been one big prank?

Why else would someone so handsome want to spend so much time with her?
Why HAD he been so friendly? She searched her mind for an ulterior motive. Anyway, she eventually said to herself, when she couldn’t find a valid reason for him hanging out with her; he will soon figure out how boring you are and you’ll be alone again.

Alone, in a different country, without any friends. She slumped on her bed. She’d had a spectacular day, and had experienced so much, but now that it was over all she wanted to do was bury her head in the pillow and cry. She still missed her friends. She missed her hometown. She missed the familiarity of the world around her that she’d had back home. She hadn’t known how simple her life had been before, and how good it was for her.

She beat her fist into the bedspread, forgetting that she still had Caleb’s number in her hand. It had started to become a little damp from her body heat, and she nearly tore it in half by accident when she punched the bed. It was enough to shake off some of her self pity. She lay her head on the pillow and looked out the window. The lights were shining across the harbour, and the colours looked pretty.

Why oh why was it so hard to believe in herself? She questioned. Just for once, she wanted to feel like the girls on T.V. She wanted to feel beautiful, desirable, and fascinating. But you’ll never be, she told herself. No, you’ll never be that, she heard the voice say, nasty and mean, just like the ugliest version of herself.

She looked at the piece of paper. What did he see? She wondered. Next weekend she would know more. It’s a long time to wait, she thought.


I challenged L.Vu with “Art for Art’s Sake” – why not drop by and check it out?


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