Six Word Saturday


One of my ink painting teacher's class examples. Lotus flowers also give me a sense of calm.

My clean house feels very Zen.

Six word Saturday asks you to describe your life in six words. Click on the icon below to make your own entry, or follow the links to read other people’s entries.

1. Jim (Texas) 16. Jane 31. Cat.
2. Jess @splashes & dashes of yellow 17. Jeanie 32. Trace@ Avgordsuprgddss
3. Scrambled, Not Fried 18. Ready Or Not 33. Elf Tea
4. Threshold Mum 19. soulbrush 34. TICKLEBEAR
5. viv blake 20. Linda @ Truthful Tidbits 35. I used to be indecisive…
6. The Laughing Housewife 21. Brenda Youngerman 36. Of Such is the Kingdom (Working Song)
7. Magical Mystical Teacher 22. When Words Escape 37. Footloose and Fancy Free Contest
8. Mom on Caffeine 23. Tami @ Just One More Thing … 38. jazzbumpa
9. Joseph Alsarraf 24. Double Dynamite 39. Tonya @ The Heart Desires
10. Dawn @ Guiding Light 25. Reading World 40. Jaybee
11. A corgi Halloween 26. Station 5 41. Jennifer in Bread Land
12. No Filter Mom 27. Kimmy 42. Kathe W.
13. Ramblings of an Empty Mind 28. Bev@My Reader’s Block 43. Lovely Annie
14. Stephanie Hasty (The Conscientious Reader) 29. Nug Nug 44. DoubleDynamite
15. ricochet 30. Joursdemots

6 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

    • Hi Martha,
      I saw a good note from a friend on Facebook that you might enjoy :

      Dirty dishes prove I feed my family, full rubbish bins prove I clean up their mess. Messy floors show I allow my children to have fun, piles of clean clothing prove I keep my family in clean clothes, a wet bathroom that I bathe my child. So next time you walk into my house and see a mess, think twice before you judge.
      If you come over to see me, come on in. If you come over to see the house – make an appointment.

      Enjoy the contrasting stages of your house- it’s a sure sign that it’s well lived in. Thanks for stopping by.


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