Exothermic Response – Haiku Friday

Last week, Navigating the Babel of Life introduced me to ‘Micrograms’ – which are essentially a form of Haiku that according TheBabelBlog; “consists of three to six lines and is usually about little creatures or plants and their existence in the universe.” So for this week’s Haiku Friday I’ve written a Microgram.

Exothermic Response

Lizard sits alone,
staring up toward the sun
like the Mayan did.

Does it know its fate
is tied to humanity,
like heat of the day?

Taken in 2006, near lake Naivasha, Kenya.


12 thoughts on “Exothermic Response – Haiku Friday

  1. Your haiku was beautiful. I can’t look at the tiger video: I see he’s behind bars and that’s already enough to make me sick.

    • TheBabelBlog’s post ( linked on my page) says that there’s multiple forms of haiku. I’d like to experiment with a variety, and find what resonates.
      I do enjoy writing, and reading them! I look forward to reading your exploration .

    • Thank you! I must admit I do love that crazy psychedelic lizard. Imagine inhabiting such a skin. It lives on a mountain overlooking many thousands of pink flamingos so it’s perfectly suited, and quite ordinary to be so flamboyant.

    • Hi Ixy,
      Thanks for stopping by. I always link my photos to the source, so if you click on it you’ll find that Mayan picture came from good old Wikipedia πŸ™‚
      I took the lizard, so it links through to my blog.
      Best wishes,

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