Destiny’s Dance

Below is the “Picture it and write” challenge for this week. Thanks Ermilia for such a stunning photograph!

Destiny’s Dance

“Follow me,” she said, stretching out her hand and pulling me into the hazy, pheromone fueled room. The music pulsed, throbbing like an excited heartbeat. Each of the bodies on the floor; cells controlled by electrical impulses. I too followed mine – sharp as the lasers that cut through the smoke and tasty as her teasing lips.

Her eyes, so clear, blue and mesmerizing. A black stripe across her face as though a vigilante – my Zorro of the night. Seductive, skin tight leathers that taunted, highlighting the luminosity of her skin. In contrast she glowed, radiant.

A female’s whispered chorus permeated from every corner, and yet from nowhere, perhaps within? “Follow me…,follow me,” she sighed in song, and in that moment I was sure it was her continued plea, somehow controlling the music, and surely in command of me.

My eyelids closed and I stretched my neck in a languid circle, body swaying to the rhythm. I could see nothing but her face in every facet of my mind’s eye – that intent gaze, with a lifetime of knowledge to share. Perhaps more? She seemed to access whole generations. In her face I could see mirrors facing mirrors, reflection on reflections, and time s t r e t c h e d.

We’d only just met, but destiny danced on my lips, surging my passion, ebbing me on.


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